Rooting Strawberry Runners – Free Plants! 🍓🌱 #shorts

🍓These runners were removed from established plants (1-2 years old). Strawberry plants start to decline in production after three years, thus, it’s a good idea to propagate ones from runners or from seeds. 🍓The nodes on the runners or stolons have the ability to develop their own root system which can be cut off from the mother plant. It usually takes 4+ weeks for roots to develop. Your new strawberry clones will fruit next season! ✳️ For new plants, remove runners to allow them to establish in the first year. ✳️ Day neutral and everbearing varieties generally don’t produce many runners. Summer or June bearing are known to produce runners until the first frost. 🍓Plant in full sun. Strawberries thrive best in fertile, well-draining and slightly acidic soil (ph 6 to 6.5). 🍓Bury each plant about 1/4 inch deep, just covering the roots with the crowns exposed. 🍓Space each plant or bare root crown 18 inches apart. Row spacing for June-bearing: 3 to 4 feet apart and ever-bearing and day-neutral: 1 foot apart. Plant 1 in a 6-8” container. 🌱These new plants will be fed with worm castings and casting extract to give them a good start. I use Vitality from @vermisterra . If you’d like to give it a try, use code “learntogrow “ for a savings of 10% and free shipping. Thank you! Happy Gardening! 💚😊 #shorts #propagation #organicgardening #gardeningtips #gardening #growfood #vegetablegardening #strawberry

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