Saving the Right Type of Seeds #shorts

#seedsaving #tomatoseeds #vegetablegardening I hope you found this short video helpful! Make sure to check out the additional info below. Thanks for watching and happy gardening !💚
Misilla 🍅 If you are looking to save seeds that will breed true-to-type or to their parent plant, it’s best to save seeds from open pollinated and heirloom plants. Hybrids will not breed true. (F1 hybrid has 2 parent plants or 2 varieties of tomato plants that has been cross-pollinated to produce a new variety) 🌱 Hybrids such as Sungold tomato has two parent plants (F1, Filial 1) and if you try to grow it from seeds you collect it will most likely not breed true-to-type of true-to-seed. 🌱 Majority of F1 seeds are either sterile or won’t reproduce true. This prevents the replication of F1 plants. This is achieved through genetic engineering. 🌱 A seed will be true-to-type as long as pollen is not shared between unlike variants within the same species. Plant isolation can prevent crossing with other varieties to ensure true breeding. ***My book, “Four-Season Food Gardening” is available for preorder, links below. Thank you so much for your support! Amazon: International links: Estepona Gardener Estepona Gardening

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