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Humus is a dark organic substance made up of plant and animal matter decomposed by earthworms, arthropods, fungi, bacteria, and other soil microorganisms. It is naturally found in the top layer of soil and is commonly found on the forest floor. Humus contains nutrients that contribute to soil fertility. It improves soil texture and increases porosity while retaining moisture and nutrients. Humus also provides homes for beneficial soil microbes while extracting toxins and harmful microorganisms from the soil. Completely broken-down compost or worm castings are great sources of humus. Compost that eventually turns into a humus form can take several years depending on the size of the compost heap, the contents, temperature, aeration, and moisture. We let our compost pile fully decompose until there are no traces of raw organic materials and has a crumbly texture.  I hope you found this helpful! Happy gardening! 💚🌱 💩🪱Vermisterra worm castings are aged 7 to 10 years and contain 50% humus. If you’d like to try @VermisterraEarthwormCastings products, make sure to use code, learntogrow for a savings of 10% and free shipping. Thanks for your support!💚 #shorts #gardening #soil #soillife #soilhealth #soilfoodweb #soil #savesoil #sustainability #organicgardening #organicgarden #growfood #vegetablegardening

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