Some Plants Have Natural Antifreeze!🥶🌱 #shorts

#gardening #vegetablegarden #wintergarden Good morning and Happy Friday! 😊 Ever wonder why your winter crops taste sweet? Check out the info below.⬇️ 🌨In preparation for shifting temperatures, plants go through an acclimation process converting stored starches into sugars which make crops taste sweet!🍬 ❄️This process increase their tolerance to cold temperatures, because sugar water has a lower freezing point which prevent plant cell walls from freezing and rupturing. If the fluid surrounding the cells freezes, it can lead to plant dehydration. 💡Some plants turn on protein compounds that make them more resilient to frigid temperatures. This is also known as anti-freeze proteins (AFPs). The protein compounds are made from stored sugars in plants that bind with nitrates taken up from soil. Have a great weekend everyone!😁 Happy Gardening!💚❄️ . Estepona Gardener Estepona Gardening

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