Test sprouts, and homemade trick to germinate faster

When we take seed from our own plants or vegetables, e.g. tomato, or cucumber, many times we do not know if we have done well in the process, or if we really are going to germinate in the next season. Sometimes even we are a little impatient and we’ve been gifted a few seeds and want to germinate as soon as possible, because today we’re going to watch a video to see how we can make this process as simple, the to germinate a seed faster and to check their viability for the next season.

Test sprouts, and homemade trick to germinate faster 1

This process is variable in terms of days, but surely to reduce a 20% or 30% the time of germination on a seed that we put in seedbed or in a pot. There are even seeds that need temperatures higher than room temperature to germinate and this is a good way to get that seed to germinate.

This is basically to get the environment more conducive for a seed to germinate, that is nothing more than a good environment of moisture, heat and darkness, three things essential for this to occur. nature as always is surprised and the thinking that the seed will not germinate unless your environment is almost like a miracle.

Test sprouts, and homemade trick to germinate faster 2

It is not mandatory to do this step, but if it was interesting at the time to save time in the nurseries. another option also is to do it to advance a step in the seedbed and repicado, and can also be used to germinate the seeds and then pass them on to seedlings, which is another of the interesting options. I leave here the video, you can tell what you want! What have you tried?What os was it? comment what you want!


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Test sprouts, and homemade trick to germinate faster 3