Testing Soil pH with Red Cabbage #shorts

Thought you might find this soil pH test interesting and fun! It would also make a great science activity to do with kids! Info below.⬇️ 💜Anthocyanin is a water-soluble pigment (molecule) that gives red cabbage its purple color as well as many other plants. The color of the pigment changes if combined with substances differing in pH. 🧪The pH surrounding the molecule can be altered by adding something acidic like vinegar or alkaline like baking soda. Soil comes in varying pH making this test a good indication of garden soil pH. While it’s not 💯 accurate, it will give you a general idea. I encourage you to get your soil tested professionally. See info below for the test we use. 1️⃣Add 2 cups distilled water to a pot and 4-5 chopped red cabbage leaves. Simmer for 20 minutes and strain. Allow cooling for 30 minutes. You can also blend the leaves with distilled water to extract the purple liquid. 2️⃣Add 2 teaspoons of soil to a jar then pour 2-3 inches of the liquid. Let it sit for 20 minutes. You will notice the color may change based on the soil pH. Below are colors you might see.⬇️ 🔴Red/Bright Pink: Acidic 🟣🔵Purple/Blue: Neutral 🟢🔵Green/Blue: Alkaline or Basic ✳️Soil pH indicates the acidity or alkalinity of soil measured by a pH scale ranging from 0-14. Zero being extremely acidic and 14 extremely alkaline. While some plants thrive in alkaline or acidic soil, most vegetable crops perform well in slightly acidic to neutral soil with a pH range of 6.0 to 7.0. ✳️If the soil pH is outside of this range, some nutrients may get locked up making them inaccessible to plants. This can lead to a lack of plant vigor and poor production. ✅WHAT TO DO: For alkaline soil (pH 7.0 +) you can amend with elemental sulfur to lower the pH. ✅ For acidic soil (pH 5.5 or lower) use horticultural lime to raise the pH. The kit we use is from @mysoil3418 and love it! (10% off code: learntogrow) Hope you enjoyed it! Happy Gardening!💜💜💜 #shorts #soil #soilscience #soilhealth #gardeningtips #organicgardening #sustainablegardening #vegetablegardening #growfoodnotlawns #growyourownfood #beginnergardener #growfood

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