True Potato Seeds TPS #shorts

The first time we saw potato berries was 9 years ago. About 70% of potato plants do not bear fruit. Poisonous potato fruits look like green cherry tomatoes, but they contain a significant amount of a poisonous organic compound called solanine. This chemical is present in members of the nightshade family (Solanaceae), including pepper, tomato, tomatillo, ground cherry, eggplant, and tobacco. ⚠️Solanine is the plant’s defense mechanism against animal pests & contains fungicidal properties. Solanine poisoning can cause neurological disorders and gastrointestinal problems, or worse in high amounts. 🥔A potato fruit can contain up to 300 true potato seeds (TPS) or botanical seeds. The seeds are used by professional plant breeders to produce new varieties which can take several years. The seeds will develop tubers varying in color, flavor, and texture and will not breed true to the parent plant, although, it would be fun to see what they produce! If the tubers grown from seed taste bitter, they should not be consumed as it is a sign of high solanine content. Hope you find this helpful! Have you seen these fruits on your potato plants? 🥔 #truepotatoseeds #potatoes #organicgardening #seedsaving #shorts growfood #gardeningtips #gardening #vegetablegarden #tps #potato #seeds

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