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Uses of aspirin in the garden

The whole world knows aspirin as a medication for centennial that is. Used for a multitude of ailments throughout their history have gone on to discover new applications. But perhaps not all know is that we can use aspirin also to care for our plants. Let’s see some uses of aspirin in the garden.

Uses of aspirin in the garden 1

At the University of Rhode Island became an experiment preparing a solution of aspirin in water with the pulverized some plants. The solution was composed of four tablets of aspirin dissolved in 4 litres of water. With this prepared was pulverized to a group of plants every three weeks throughout the growing season. At the same time cultivating a group of plants that are equal to those who are not applied the treatment. At the end of the season it was found that the treated group had developed better and had higher production than the control group. It is concluded that aspirin improves the immune system of the plants with which it defends better than attacks, microbial, and fungal that can affect their growth.

Uses of aspirin in the garden 2

According to the Department of Agriculture of the united States can treat the plants with a solution of aspirin to combat fungal diseases caused by verticillium and fusarium. It also serves to treat the blight. Especially effective is this treatment when it is applied to the nightshades like tomatoes and potatoes. Apparently all the plants have in their composition a small proportion of acetylsalicylic acid which increases in situations of stress. When spraying aspirin on the plant to increase its proportion of this active principle with which we improve its resistance to external aggressions. You can also soak the seeds in a solution of aspirin prior to use in planting.

Uses of aspirin in the garden 3

Perhaps it is this use of the most well-known and in addition since a long time ago. I at least I remember that my mother already used and it is to dissolve an aspirin in the water in the vase when we put him cut flowers. Greatly increase your duration before wilting. Aspirin reduces the production of ethylene and slows down the wilting of cut flowers. And in addition to the antifungal properties of aspirin delayed the appearance of molds that obstruct the vascular tissue of the flower.
Uses of aspirin in the garden 4

Aspirin also can help us to improve the rooting of cuttings. Diluímos an aspirin in distilled water and dip here are the cuttings for a few hours before proceeding to the crop. Acts as a disinfectant and as a growth hormone. As we have seen aspirin can serve us very well in the garden, but as everything in excess can be harmful. The recommended dosage for any use is to dilute one tablet of aspirin in a liter of water. A higher concentration may burn the leaves of the plant by pounding. It is also advisable to practise the treatment in the first hours of the day to give it time to dry out the leaves and do not disturb the bees and other pollinators.

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