Varieties of tomatoes to grow in pots

Tomatoes are one of the vegetables most dear (even though technically it is a fruit). And why not? They are easy to cultivate, and we can do it in a small space. Although it is essential to make a good choice of variety to grow as it will reside a lot of the success to grow our tomatoes in pots.

So what are some of the best tomato varieties to grow in pots. There are several classifications of the different varieties of tomatoes. We’re going to be left with two, determinate varieties and indeterminate varieties and hybrid or rustic. The determinate tomatoes are those that the plant has a determinate growth and indeterminate, since what we do not know what can measure up to the plant. Practically, in addition, the determinate tomatoes do not require entutoramiento or remove the suckers, need much less maintenance work. As to the other division, is understood to rustic varieties that were created before 1950, and hybrid the ones created after such date to the cross the old rustic varieties.

Hybrid varieties, certain

1.- Big Boy Bush

Variety of medium size and very productive, ripens in 72-80 days. Easy to grow and high yield, good aroma and flavor. May require a slight trellising.

2.-Bush Champion

Compact growth, early production, and heat-resistant. The plant only reaches about 60 cm in height, and the fruits take about 65-70 days to mature. High performance, low maintenance and resistance to disease make it a good variety for pot cultivation.

3.- Bush Goliath

Variety developed specifically for cultivation in pots. The plant reaches about 90 cm of height, and your tomatoes may have a diameter of about 10 cm, Its production extends until the first frosts, and their tomatoes are tasty and sweet. You may need trellising simple.

4.- Celebrity

Robust plant that produces clusters of plump tomatoes, solid and resistant to the cracks that are appreciated largely for its exceptionally rich flavor. It may be considered semideterminada because it can reach up to 120 cm of height and therefore will need trellising. It is resistant to diseases and their production is lengthened quite a long time. You will need a large pot to develop their full potential.

5.- Early Girl Bush

A relative of Early Girl, this variety for cultivation in pots stands out by the speed with which it produces its harvest, 54-62 days. Which makes it ideal for cold areas. Medium size that does not require trellising. In ideal conditions one plant can produce a hundred tomatoes.

6.- Patio F

Determinate dwarf that bears fruit a little larger than a cherry. It can be grown in small pots or planting several specimens in a large one. It is not very productive but due to its small size allows you to plant a number of copies in a short space.

7.- Window Box Roma

Typical variety for cultivation in pots, measuring not more than 60-90 cm in height. It is productive, and its fruits are pear, tasty, sweet and long-lasting. It can be grown even indoors.

8.- Tumbling Tom

Variety of cherry tomatoes, sweet red or yellow. Excellent for small balconies. It is easy to grow and very productive. Has a habit of creeping growth which makes it ideal for growing in a basket or flower pot pendant.

Hybrid varieties indeterminate

1.- Sun Sugar

This variety of cherry tomato indeterminate has gained highly positive reviews from growers due to its rich and sweet taste of tomato. The Sun sugar is easy to grow and resistant to diseases and has a long growing season until frost. This cultivar is highly productive can provide a hundred tomatoes per plant. However the plant can reach up to 180 cm tall and requires a good trellising.

2.- Carmello

Tomatoes hybrids tend to fail in the flavor but that is not the case of this variety. It has a good production of tomatoes of good size, 220-340 grams per piece. Grows well with cool weather.

3.- Sweet 100

A cherry tomato that is very productive when we grow them in a container, we will go by pruning to not grow in excess. The fruits are red and juicy. The problem often attribute to the gardeners is the excess of production. It is resistant to heat.

4.- Sweet Baby Girl

Another variety of cherry that stands out for its abundant and long production of tomatoes and very sweet. Reaches a height around 180 cm

5.- Sun Gold

Variety cherry orange-yellow. Stands out for its sweetness and early harvest, 55-65 days. The plant grows a lot so you have to control it, and entutorarla well.

Rustic varieties certain

1.- Prince Borghese

Traditional variety of Italian that produces small fruits form aovada. It is very productive and resistant to heat. The tomatoes are very tasty, ideal for dishes of the Italian cuisine. You need large pots.

2.- Manitoba

A cultivar supertemprano and resistant to diseases. Ideal for cold climates for its early ripening. The fruits are a strong taste and acid.

3.- New Yorker

As its name indicates, this variety is also designed for areas of cold climate. Power of taste media and grows well in small containers.

4.- Sprite

Plant of low growth habit ideal for growing in small pot. Abundant yield, and fruit with a sweet taste and firm consistency. Prefers warm temperatures.

5.- Sophie’s Choice

This variety of tomato does not exceed 60 cm but produces fruit is big and tasty. Average production and early maturity, 55 days approximately.

Rustic varieties indeterminate

1.- Green Zebra

In addition to its attractive color of this variety is remarkable for the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity that present their fruits. Reaches a height of 180-210 cm depending on the climate and growing conditions.

2.- Japanese Black Trifele

A variety rustic very attractive because of its classic look. In ideal conditions it is very productive. The compact growth of the plant makes it recommended for cultivation in container. The characteristic smoky flavor of these tomatoes makes them good for salads and sauces.

3.- Stupice

One of the rustic varieties older. Plant of compact growth and small fruit. Cold tolerant and good production.

4.- Paul Robeson

Variety of small size and very popular in the culture container. Large tomatoes, about 10 cm in diameter, smoky flavor and very sweet, with a soft earthy scent. Very easy to grow and medium production.

5.- Brandywine

Produces large fruit up to 700 grams of weight. The plant is large and you need pots of great size, and a strong trellising. Average performance, great taste and need between 80 and 100 days to mature.

6.- Indian Stripe

Variety of heat resistant and medium production. Their tomatoes are very tasty. The plant is large and requires a large container as well as a strong trellising.

Varieties developed specifically for growing in container

1.- Mountain Gold

Plant of compact growth. Its fruits are orange and taste good, sweet. It is quite productive and resistant to diseases. Good for consumption in a raw state.

2.- Ace 55 Hybrid

Another variety of small size, ideal for pot cultivation. Its fruits are sweet and digestive. Good production.

3.- Health Kick Hybrid

The tomatoes of this variety contain 50% more lycopene than the average of the other varieties of tomatoes. In just 75 days produces a good crop of tomatoes of about 110 grams Easy to grow in a container for its resistance and the small size of the kills.


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