We Grew Oyster Mushrooms on Toilet Paper! Science Project #shorts

🧻Minimally processed toilet paper is better to use, dye-free and unscented. I’ve seen toxin-free alternatives online as well. Hi everyone! We recently grew edible mushrooms (oyster variety) on toilet paper as a science project. Watching the process was fun and educational for our family! I hope you enjoy this short video and let me know if you give it a try sometime! The information is below. Thanks to @FieldandForestProducts for the inspiration! This kit is available on their website. 🍄❤️ ➡️ https://www.fieldforest.net/product/Oyster-TeePee-Kit/tee-pee-kits 🍄The grain in the spawn provides the nutrients while the toilet paper helps the mushroom mycelium grow and establish. This structure allows exposure to air, temperature and humidity. 🍄The air has been very dry with our heater on, so I didn’t open the bag completely towards the end resulting in leggy stalks. They needed better air circulation. I had to mist 2-3 times to make sure there was enough moisture. Grey Dove Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) 1. Boil water in a large pot and remove from heat.
2. Place a roll of TP in hot water until fully saturated. Remove TP and place on a cooling rack to drain. Allow it to cool. Removing the cardboard sped-up fruit, but it’s optional. 3. Put the roll in a filter patch bag.
4. Pour some grain spawn into the center of the TP roll. The grain spawn was purchased from @FieldandForestProducts .
5. Close the bag with a rubber band above the filter patch.
6. Place the bag in an area with a temperature between 65-75 F. We placed them in the hallway closet. This is the incubation period which took about 4 ½ weeks.
7. To stimulate fruiting, place the bag in the refrigerator for 2 days. 
8. Take the bag out of the refrigerator and remove the rubber band to allow air circulation. 
9. We misted the bag 2-3 times daily. The mushrooms were fully grown after 7 days from removing the bag from the refrigerator. The process took approximately 6 weeks. #shorts #fungi #mushroom #fungus #growfood #organicgardening #vegetablegardening #homeschooling #fungus #mycellium #scienceexperiment

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