What It Means When Potatoes Flower #shorts

Here are some more information below. I hope you have a great weekend! 💚💚 ✅ Potatoes thrive best in full ☀️, but will tolerate part shade. They will have higher yields if grown in ☀️. Soil should be fertile, loamy, and well-draining. ✅ We water our potatoes about an inch every 7-10 days unless we get rainfall. Container-grown potatoes are watered more often depending on the time of the year and the weather. Mulching helps conserve moisture. ✅ Keep tubers covered with mulch, compost or soil to prevent them from turning green. If exposed to ☀️ they can become inedible due to development of a ☠️ compound called Solanine. ✅ Most determinate types are early season which don’t require hilling as tubers grow in one layer near the seed potato. Indeterminate or late-season varieties should be mounded as tubers develop along the stolons that emerge from the main stems. ✅ Harvest time will depend on variety and growing conditions. Early season potatoes: 75 to 95 days; mid-season: 90 to 110; late season: 100 to 135 days. Tubers are ready to harvest when plants die back. ✳️ If you live in a mild climate they can overwinter in the soil and will sprout as the weather warms. We don’t always find all the tubers, so we usually get some volunteer crops!😁 I hope you find these tips helpful! Happy Gardening!🌱💚 📗My book “Four-Season Food Gardening" is available on Amazon and most online retailers!
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