Why Leaves Change Color in the Fall #shorts

During photosynthesis, plants use sunlight energy to convert water and carbon dioxide to produce glucose while releasing oxygen as a byproduct. In response to less daylight and cool weather photosynthesis slows down. As plants prepare for winter dormancy, the green pigment chlorophyll is broken down transferring nutrients to the trunk and roots to conserve energy. This process reveals the ephemeral hues which were there all along masked by chlorophyll. The pigments that give leaves these pigments are carotenoids and anthocyanins that function as antioxidants and protect plants from oxidative damage that can lead to plant stress. The pigments filter sunlight radiation on plant leaves which help tolerate environmental stresses. They also play a key role in the overall health of plants as well as reproduction. Happy Gardening!💚 #autumnleaves #fallleaves #autumnvibes #fall #treesofinstagram #gardener #gardeninglife #pnwgardening #trees

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