Why Leaves Curl in Cold Weather #shorts

🌡🥶Abiotic stress is a negative impact caused by non-living factors such as extreme temperatures, soil salinity, heavy metals, drought or flooding (excess water). ✳️Thermotropism is a physiological mechanism of some plants and other organisms in response to changes in the environment. In this case, it is due to cold temperatures, some plants fold/curl their leaves reducing their surface area to prevent moisture loss through leaf stomata (leaf pores mostly on the underside of leaves) via transpiration. Plants also practice thermotropism in response to heat. You may have seen tomato leaves curl up (leaf roll) on a hot or windy day. This defense mechanism help reduce/prevent water loss.💧 Happy gardening!💚🌿❄️ #shorts #organicgardening #gardening #wintergarden #fallgarden #gardeningtips #vegetablegarden #growyourownfood

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