You know the Schwantesia triebneri

Of the most dry and stony, located between south Africa and Namibia the family Aizoaceae brings us this small but elegant plant is crass, the Schwantesia triebneri. It is a plant of small size. Its leaves are elongated and succulent, measuring about 6 cm in length by 1 cm width and about 5 mm thick. They grow in opposite pairs and end in an apex pointed and without teeth.

The flowers are yellow and measure up to 5 cm in diameter. Appear profusely throughout the winter. Like all succulents originating from this geographical area require a well-drained soil, lots of sun and light watering light during their growth period.

This plant tolerates quite well the cold, even light frost. So if we live in areas of mild winters, we can grow outside all year. In fact some species of this family of plants can even grow best when the climate begins to be cool in autumn or early winter.

As we see in this image this gross that prefer environments bright red when exposed to many hours in full sun. A little bit of shade during the central hours of the day especially will prevent this redness of the leaves. All, of course, depending on what you want to obtain. But it is interesting to know, if you want to have the plant a grayish-green you should raise her with the luminous shadow, and if you want to get those reddish tones don’t have to put it in the sun.

The risks will be lighter and as a minimum every 2-3 weeks in the hot season of the year and even less during the winter. It is easy to detect when these plants are thirsty because their leaves start to look wrinkled. In the winter nothing happens if the plant gets to this point before you pour a bit of water. In summer either but it is better not to subject it to too much stress.


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